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Patravali is a Restaurant and catering option based in Cancun, that gives services to areas like, Riviera Maya and the Peninsula de Yucatan. Our food is 100% Indian food, with authentic fresh Indian ingredients prepare by an Indian chef. Our range of services include serving tasty homemade meals to full buffet services for weddings and similar functions. Patravali was created from a dream, The Chef Himanshu Mair, moved to Cancun in the year 2013, As a catering vendor we have been serving since 2013 till date in numerous events and functions in the whole riviera Maya, making the difference due to our quality and attention. People that are living far away from their country we try to give our best service and make them feel at home with the flavors of india
We do the best to satisfy our costumer according to their requirements and needs, as we are very flexible and open to create new menus and fusions, always trying to make the bridge between the past generations and the new ones.
It doesn’t matter if your wedding it’s a traditional or new wave one, we adapt to all kind of menus, and flavours from North Indian cuisine to South indian cuisine, we will always give our best.
Here you can taste the amazing flavours from India, from the saucy Chicken tikka masala, to the fresh made naan, not forgetting about the amazing homemade desserts and kulfis. We invite you to join us and try our fresh created menu, with equilibrated flavors and surprises in every bite you try.

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Meet our dedicated Staff

Chef Chatar Singh Originally from Dehradun in the state of Uttar Khand in India, Chef Chatar Singh was introduce into culinary world by life, starting his career at the young age of 14 years with an exploration of flavors found in the diverse kitchens of Mumbai, Gujarat and of course Dehradun and eventually led to him to his current position as Chef Executive Chef at Patravali Indian Cuisine, named as one of the top 5 best restaurants in the Whole Country of Mexico. His passion for cooking and ingredients started in his own house, His ability to create new techniques and introduce them to traditional Indian cuisine it’s the perfect way to go with all of our Patravali Indian Cuisine line.
Fernanda Gallegos Martinez
Chef Himanshu Mair

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